Cat Burglar Likely Foiled by Alert Homeowner in Old Greenwich

On Tuesday around 2:15am an alert resident on Tomac Ave in Old Greenwich saw a person with a flashlight behind his house on the Innis Arden golf course.

According to Greenwich Police Lt. David Nemecek, the resident next saw the person peering into a window in his home and called the police.

“He called us, which is what you’re supposed to do instead of confronting him,” Nemecek said. “He called us and we checked the area.”

Lt. Nemecek said Greenwich Police are collaborating with other jurisdictions including Stamford Police to try to catch the cat burglar(s) who have targeted the area of Shore Road in Old Greenwich.

Of the recent two attempted and one thwarted cat burglaries, Nemecek said no one has been arrested in Greenwich yet. But, he said, “We hope to come to a conclusion soon.”

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