Cat Burglars Target Old Greenwich

Three separate incidents in the middle of last week, cat burglars targeted homes in Old Greenwich at night while homeowners were sleeping.

Of the three, two were successful burglaries and one was an attempt burglary that was thwarted when an alarm was set off.


“We’ve had two instances in Old Greenwich of people going into houses with people at home at night, unlocked, no alarms and taking items,” said Greenwich Police Lieutenant David Nemecek at the July 24 press briefing.

“In one instance, the alarm startled the person,” Nemecek said.  “If you have an alarm, use it.”

Nemecek reminds residents to lock their doors and windows, and set their alarms before they turn in for the night. He said there was no forced entry and no one was hurt in any of the three incidents.

In the two burglaries, the thieves stole personal items that were easily grabbed.

“Be cognizant of your surroundings and keep your homes alarmed and contact Greenwich Police with any information,” Detective Anthony Fiscella said on Monday.

“If you see something suspicious call us,” Nemecek said.