Back-to-School Checklist: Allergy-Free Lunch Menu

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One in every 13 children have a food allergy, according to Food Allergy Research & Education – that breaks down to about two students in every classroom. With so many allergies to worry about, the days of sending traditional birthday cupcakes to celebrate your child’s big day have changed. Having an understanding on the most popular allergies is important to keep students’ safe, and knowing what snacks to send your child to school with – whether for the full class or just your child – is essential.
Kings Food Markets, known for providing customers with high quality, rare finds and unique ingredients, has put together the following list to educate consumers about the top allergies as well as safe snack options – including some of Kings’ own products – to make your readers’ back-to-school transition as seamless and worry-free as possible. Remember to always double check every product to ensure it is 100% safe for your child’s specific needs.
·         Gluten Free
o   Peeled Apple Two the Core: When you don’t have fresh fruit around, this chewy and convenient snack has just one simple ingredient – organic apples.
o   Popcorn Indiana Kettle Corn Individual Serving Bags: These single-serving bags of kettle corn are delicious and convenient; each bag is less than 100 calories and made from four simple ingredients.
kings apple juice
o   Kings Organic Apple Juice: These delicious beverages are only made from the crispest apples. These apples produce an outstanding sweet juice with a slight tartness. This juice is fresh pressed from fruit grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and minimally processed, and is then glass-packaged to avoid PET issues.
o   Mamma Chia Squeeze: This easy snack does not need refrigeration – not only are they delicious and gluten-free but also each pack boasts four grams of fiber and 1,200 mg Omega-3 fatty acids.
·         Peanut Free
o   KASHI Original Seven-Grain Snack Crackers: These whole grain crackers are a great snack by themselves, or use them to make mini sandwiches.
o   Calavo Authentic Guacamole: This delicious guacamole tastes just like homemade.  Made with natural ingredients, it is a great option for dips or to spread on a sandwich.
o   Maplehurst Cupcakes: These peanut-free cupcakes come fully iced, decorated and attractively packaged, to bring a smile to your child’s face as he or she opens his or her lunchbox.
·         Milk Free
o   Garden Lites – Zucchini Chocolate Veggie Muffins: These portion-controlled muffins are chocolaty and delicious – your child would be surprised to know the first two ingredients are zucchini and carrots.
o   Mary’s Gone Crackers – Original: Use these crunchy and nutty crackers for a tasty snack.  The combination of whole grain brown rice, quinoa and flax seeds make this a healthy pick and provides three grams of fiber per serving.
o   Cape Cod Reduced Fat Potato Chips: These chips have 40% less fat and are made from three simple ingredients.
·         Soy Free
o   KIND Healthy Grains Bars – Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut: Made with whole grains, this bar is a tasty and convenient snack.
o   Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips – Zesty Nacho Flavor: These air-crisped chips are a great alternative to traditional fried chips – it’s a great way to introduce kale to your child.
o   Eat Keenwa Krunch – Vanilla Almond Raisin: Quinoa is the first ingredient in this unique snack – each serving is 110 calories, boasts five grams of fiber, and made from simple ingredients.
·         Natural
o   Quinn Popcorn – Vermont Maple & Sea Salt: Quinn uses organic and non-GMO kernels for its popcorn. As a bonus, the bags are made from recycled and compostable paper.
o   Siggi’s Yogurt Tubes: Thick and creamy is the best way to describe these yogurt tubes.  Made from Icelandic Yogurt, each tube has five grams of protein and can be enjoyed frozen too.
kings apple sauce
o  Kings Organic Applesauce: This applesauce is made exclusively from a blend of organic apples. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and it is produced from fruit grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
o   Kashi Soft Baked Cookies – Oatmeal Raisin Flax: These cookies are not only delicious, but also healthy, too. Made with seven whole grains, each one has four grams of fiber.
·         “Top 8” Allergy-Free
o   Enjoy Cookies: These flavor-filled, handcrafted cookies were developed with your family in mind – free of wheat/gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, other tree nuts –  featuring all natural ingredients, Enjoy’s dedication to safe and healthy eating, and a whole lot of love.
Kings is located in Old Greenwich at 26 Arcadia Rd. Tel. (203) 637-1701
o   Enjoy Chocolate Chips: Rich, smooth and crave-able, this dairy, nut and soy free premium quality chocolate will make any cookie taste great.