GFP Viral Stories of August. Did You Miss Any?

image001One of the earliest contributors to Greenwich Free Press was Alleyha Dannett, GHS ’14. It’s been a pleasure to know Alleyha since she was in middle school, and I was so proud of her when she was Youth of the Year last year at the Greenwich Boys & Girls Club.

Back in March Alleyha wrote about the Yik Yak drama at GHS the day it unfolded. She took hard because she has a big heart and is motivated to put an end to bullying.

This week, in her essay, “Solidarity for Ferguson in Greenwich – Why One Black Teen is Livid and Afraid,” Alleyha, who graduated GHS this past June, shares her candid reflections on being Black in Greenwich and how the unfortunate turn of events this week in Ferguson, MO haveimpacted her.

“How am I also supposed to feel like a person who matters as a young Black woman, when the news outlets seem to only choose pictures that are the most alarming, “thuggish”, or promote the worst of Black stereotypes?” she asks.

Alleyha’s piece on Ferguson received 264 Facebook likes. Thank you, Alleyha!

Earlier this week we posted news that Little Pub will open soon at the former location of Fonda La Paloma. It was just a teaser where we shared a sampling of the food and beer menus from their successful Ridgefield and Wilton locations.

The short piece received 164 Facebook likes.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 1.20.47 PMGFP editor and intern Allie Primak interviewed Doug and Daneen Grabe on Friday and took photos of our tour inside the soon-to-open pub. You’ll think you’ve stepped into a historic family pub somewhere in the UK. The Grabes purchased the entire structure of a vintage barn in Ohio and brought it to Connecticut in a tractor trailer. The results are evident from the restaurant’s floors to the beams and posts. Watch for a follow up story shortly!

Last week we visited the Romaniellos and their contractor Jeff DeLuca at Ada’s Variety Shop for our story “Peeling off Layers of History at Ada’s: A Family Project.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 2.01.31 PMContrary to rumors, Ada’s marches on and will continue to sell penny candy even after the house is renovated and the business becomes “Ada’s Kitchen and Coffee” with a soon-to-be-announced chef. Ron said the chef comes from a well-known restaurant, but we have to wait for his identity to be revealed. In the meantime, he let us photograph inside the vintage house that was once Riverside’s Post Office.

The story received thousands of page views and 472 Facebook likes. Sweet.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 2.09.21 PM

GHS Connections Facebook group. There is where people turn when the community wants to come together.

Last Wednesday when a horrible boating accident took the life of Emily Fedorko, GFP searched for something positive to say, something to comfort readers.

Everyone was reeling from the news, realizing accidents can happen to any of us, even on a beautiful summer day.

There are two Facebook pages established by GHS students last year after Bart Palosz took his life the first day of school — GHS Connections and Greenwich Compliments.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 2.09.01 PM

From the Greenwich Compliments Facebok Page. The administrator of this page had the presence of mind to talk of forgiveness in tragedy.

Both provides sources of support and offered thoughtful perspectives, including the reminder that forgiveness is everything. GFP looked at the positive messages on those two Facebook pages and shared them for thousands to read, and feedback was quiet but positive.



Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 9.44.51 AMWe’ll end on a happy note.

The Finney family name is well known in Greenwich and on Thursday we hada chance to chat with Adrienne Finney on the phone.

Adrienne, who lives in Vermont, saw a Facebook post from our frequent contributor Tina Aronson who rescues dogs and cats when she is not working at the Greenwich Exchange for Women’s Work.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.49.38 PMA week ago Tina shared a photo of a forlorn looking 4 year old black lab in Astoria, Queens whose owner was finished with him. Something about Percy’s eyes beckoned Adrienne Finney, who grew up in Town but lives in Vermont these days.

Adrienne said it took “two minutes” to make up her mind. Two days later she was back home in Greenwich and meeting Percy. Percy now lives with five other labs, three cats and three horses and is adjusting beautifully.

We just posted the story Friday night, but it already has 2,000 page views and 59Facebook likes.


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