Tree Hearing Scheduled for Trees Slated for Removal at Hamilton Avenue School

A public hearing will be held by the Tree Warden of the Dept of Parks & Recreation – Division of Parks & Trees at Town Hall on Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 12:00 noon in the Parks & Rec conference room. The subject is the proposed removal of trees at Hamilton Avenue School

(The trees are located on Hamilton Ave School property, which is next to the Two Door Restaurant and the new housing development on its flag lot.)

The deputy tree warden said that the Contractor, Pecora Bros, who are developing the flag lot behind the Two Door Restaurant, requested the removals of the trees.

Following State Statute, the deputy tree warden posted the trees.

The trees are Pine Trees and Blue Spruce.

Mr. Pecora has a proposed planting plan for the area.

The deputy tree warden said he will listen to the proposed planting plans as well as objections from the public.

Any person, firm or corporation objecting to the removal is requested to be present.