After Tree Roots Cause Sewer Issues, Tree Warden Rules on Mead Ave Katsura

A public hearing was held last week following an appeal objecting to the removal of a 29″ Katsura Tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) at 66 Mead Ave in Byram.

The removal request was made by Mr. Carvajal who is the homeowner.

Sidewalk by a mature tree on Mead Ave in Byram. Contributed photo
Tree at 66 Mead Ave in Byram. contributed photo

On the day of the tree hearing, Mr. Carvajal said he wanted the tree removed because its roots were causing the lateral sewer line that connects the mainline pipe to his house to become clogged, as the pipe is broken. The pipe will need to be replaced and reoriented. In order to do the replacement work the tree would need to be removed.

After having heard the reasons for the requested tree’s removal, visited the property and read through the information presented, Dr. Greg Kramer, Greenwich’s Tree Warden said he would grant the removal of the Katsura tree.

After tree removal and pipe installation, Kramer said it was required that the location be properly prepared for the replanting of a new tree. Prior to project completion, Kramer will be informed and given time to inspect the location.

Back in 2018 the former tree warden Bruce Spaman ruled in favor of two 70-80 feet tall Pin Oak trees on Mead Ave.

The town DPW Highway Division had asked to remove the trees, which had trunk diameters of 37 and 35 inches respectively, in preparation for milling to prepare for repaving of the street. They said the roots coming up over the curb were a “road hazard.”

In that instance Spaman spared the trees and DPW Highway Division paved around the trees.