Lisa Wexler: Dispatch from RNC in Cleveland

Contributed by Lisa Wexler, July 20, 2016

The Connecticut delegation is in its glory, local favorite son Donald Trump earning the nomination last night. The first three Trump kids were raised in Greenwich, and Ivanka went to Choate in Wallingford. The delegation is seated directly adjacent to the podium, literally steps away from the speakers. John Frey of Ridgefield is the sergeant at arms. Jim Campbell of Greenwich was there, along with former Norwalk mayor Dick Moccia, Dick Foley of Danbury, many others.

Linda McMahon is here with her unflagging energy. Even an injured foot doesn’t keep her down- she uses a scooter to get around when necessary. Linda stopped by Radio Row, where we are broadcasting live on WGCH (AM 1490 and . Linda will continue to help the campaign well after the convention with fundraising efforts, both locally and nationally. She sat on the Rules Committee and told the story of the “Never Trump” movement that wasn’t. Never Happened would be a better term- only 12 delegates rebelled in the end.

Greenwich gal Rita Cosby also came by, a great colleague and personal friend. We dished about the Melania speech scandal.

The Hamilton riff is in my head. I’m in “the room where it happens.” Turn around on Radio Row and you literally bump into Ted Koppel and Carl Bernstein. Step into a private corridor and Mike Pence is shaking hands surrounded by secret service.

Just finished a NY delegate breakfast, packed and enthusiastic as you can imagine. Holy cow, their own Donald Trump is actually running for President! Even Cindy Adams of the Post was there.

Lots more juicy gossip to follow, but to hear it, you’ll have to tune in Wednesday to WGCH at 4:00pm.

On the agenda so far are Westchester County Exec Rob Astorino, Jim Campbell, Don King, John Catsimitides, John Frey, Wendie Malick and many others. Follow me on twitter for the latest.