LETTER: The Hon. Linda E. McMahon Endorses Leora Levy for Republican Nomination for State Senate

Submitted by Linda E. McMahon

It is my pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Leora Levy to be our next State Senator in the 36th District. 

Being friends with Leora for almost two decades, I see much of myself in her, from our humble beginnings in North Carolina to finding success in life and raising our families in Connecticut. 

As a former member of the President’s Cabinet heading the Small Business Administration (SBA), it is so clear to me how our entrepreneurs and small business owners have been disregarded in our state.  Having established the largest sports entertainment company in the world, I know what leadership looks like and acts like.  Leora’s business acumen and diverse life experience is the best choice for all of us to represent those who take risks, create jobs and need to make payroll. 

As this pandemic recedes, I know that you feel the same urgency as I do to help our business owners and employees.  We need a Senator who will make it her mission to not only oppose, but to stop, the destruction of our ability to make a living and raise a family in Connecticut.  As anyone who has grown a business here in Connecticut, we know that real leadership matters.  I place all my confidence in Leora to be that leader. 

That is why I am asking you to vote for Leora Levy in Saturday’s convention.

With kind regards,

Linda E. McMahon