First Selectman’s Youth Commission and Leaders Appointed for 2017-18

The 2017-18 First Selectman’s Youth Commission has been appointed.

The Commission welcomes Diego Jason and Graham Plewniak as its new Co-Chairs after a unanimous vote by the group’s graduating seniors.

In addition to the newly appointed Chairs, there is an Executive Committee consisting of Vice Chairs Grace Thompson, Charlie, Scott Gibbons, Catherine Veronis and Willa Doss.

There are also student delegates serving as ambassadors from Brunswick, Greenwich Academy, Greenwich High School, Mark and Sacred Heart Greenwich.

The Youth Commission was founded in 2014 to provide an opportunity for high school age young people to improve the quality of life for all youth in Greenwich.

Members are a varied group students from different schools, parts of Town, interests and backgrounds, who work directly with Town leaders.

An example of The First Selectman’s Youth Commission’s previous accomplishments includes helping to save the Safe Rides Program.

“The First Selectman’s Youth Commission provides students in Greenwich the unique opportunity to become direct participants in their government. The First Selectman’s Youth Commission is an embodiment of these ideals, and recognizes the important role young people have in our community. We realize that it is our duty to not only be politically informed, but also play an active part in our communities and support the causes we believe in. The right to participate in our government is both a privilege and an honor. Members of our committee are enthusiastic, passionate, and incredibly driven individuals who deeply care about our community, and I love working with them.”
– Willa Doss First Selectman’s Youth Commission, 2017-18

If your school is not represented and would like to nominate a delegate in grades 9th to 12th please email [email protected]

More information on the Youth Commission is available on the town website.