Moshier and Dietrich: Arora Will Tackle Regressive Taxes, Including Tolls

Letter to the editor from Linda Moshier and Irene Dietrich

Harry Arora is the candidate we need to win the 151st District now and to win again in November 2020. He is very willing and his successful career makes him able to step into Fred’s role in Hartford. He will pursue the same responsible direction that will provide a growing a level of stability state wide.

Harry is a self made man, truly a part of the story of what our country is about. He immigrated to our country in 1993 completing three degree programs, the final from Harvard. His business success has motivated Harry Arora to want to give back to us by serving in Hartford.

Harry has formulated a four prong program which most importantly includes an astute financial perspective. He has designed an integrated approach to tackling our serious financial problems.

Most favorable to District 151 voters is his willingness to stand in opposition to the regressive tax produced by tolls.

Even in the briefest of conversations with Harry, his charismatic, sensitive, responsive intelligence becomes immediately obvious. His credentials are sophisticated and advanced. These qualities support our choice of Harry Arora for the 151st following in our 1st Selectman Fred Camillo footsteps.

And so, we ask you to vote for Harry Arora on January 21.

Linda Moshier and Irene Dietrich

Deadline for letters to the editor for the Jan 21 special election for State Rep District 151 is Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020 at 5pm.