LETTER: Toe the Party Line, or your children will suffer.

Submitted by Jennifer Andrews, Old Greenwich

During my 3 years in Old Greenwich I’ve learned a very hard lesson: You’d better toe the party line if you want your children’s safety and well being looked after.

During the last election I made a grave mistake.  Fred Camillo appeared to be well liked by people from both sides of the political divide, seemed to take decisive action when needed, and had experience in the job. I heard some great things about Mr. Camillo, and from what I had read in my research, he would do the right things.  Despite being a life long Democrat, I cast my vote for him, and a few other Republicans that seemed to be bi-partisan in their approach.

Big mistake.

What I’ve since witnessed while attending BET and RTM meetings is a MASSIVE political divide filled with vitriol, and totally devoid of compassion. Both sides have launched cringe worthy campaigns against each other on social media, and the duty of care to our school aged children seems to be lost in the fray.

Please, don’t make the same mistake I did.  Vote down party lines if you are a Democrat in this town.  Our children and our schools deserve better, and every single vote will count towards making that happen.

Jennifer Andrews