Letter: I wonder where current elected officials stand on national issues

Letter to the editor submitted by Monica Prihoda June 9, 2018

To the Editor:

In response to two recent articles:  “Groups face legal challenge” (6/3/18) and the commentary submitted by First Selectman Peter Tesei and Richard S. DePreta, chairman of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee (6/7/18), I respectfully say:

I vote issues.  I do wonder where our current elected officials stand on national issues that do in fact impact us locally when votes are taken in Hartford.  Where were they on the “tax reform” that negatively impacts our state?  We have many immigrants who support our community with hard work.  Where do our officials stand on the President’s policy tearing apart families, separating children from parents?

I vote nonpartisan:  Mr.Tesei (in the past); Mr. Litvak and Mr. Bernstein, a Republican who was not even supported by his own party for the Board of Education.  Two Republicans and one Democrat.  Indivisible and March On are nonpartisan groups, among others, with supporters who are unaffiliated, republican and democrat.  It makes me wonder why our local republican party is adamant in their pursuit to cast a shadow on the intention of local activist groups who reject the Trump agenda as the “new normal” in women’s, gay, civil rights issues, trade, voter suppression, immigration, healthcare, our historic partnership with global allies, the environment, the National Popular Vote, sensible gun legislation in the wake of mass shootings at our schools nationwide and more.

Our current officials may blindly or naively believe none of these issues impact Greenwich residents.  They do.  In your photo I stood with Sandy Litvack on a hot summer day to protest the proposed American Health Care Act outside the Senior Center.  I know where he stands.

If anything needs a closer review, I suggest the Citizens United decision which allows corporations to be treated as individuals when it comes to political contributions.  Sounds like David vs. Goliath to me.  By the way, when I ran for RTM last autumn, I wrote, went to Staples and paid for copies of why I was running by myself.  No one financed me.

I urge all voters  of all affiliations to register to vote in the Republican and Democratic primaries on August 14th.

Yes, that is high vacation time.

Call the Town Clerk’s office today to get an absentee ballot.  You will be mailed an application form to receive it.  The absentee ballots will be mailed out to voters in July for you to vote, sign and return.

I urge frequent debates be held so we the people know where officials stand whatever their party affiliation.

A suggestion:  Greenwich Time could moderate the debates thus representing the Fourth Estate.  The debates should cover specific issues mentioned above.

Our only hope is you, me, us, standing together – becoming informed and voting – for what is decent and fair for all.  The 2018 election, although not Presidential, is crucial.

Respectfully yours,

Monica Prihoda
RTM Old Greenwich District 6