LETTER: Unfit for Human Occupancy

Submitted by Monica Prihoda, Old Greenwich, former Greenwich RTM member

Well, I’ll be!  Central Middle School is closed until it is “deemed safe!”

No wonder when in years past parents – who are Greenwich residents and voters – and the Board of Education and a certain minority of the RTM (of which I was one) have requested year after year for necessary appropriate funding for maintenance and upgrades.  Not a fire pit. Not a spa. Just maintenance!  So it’s come to this.  Don’t forget the North Mianus school ceiling collapse which thankfully happened on a weekend so there were no casualties, fatalities or otherwise collateral damage.  Just material things – which take money and our collective will – to repair and replace.

This is a shout out for residents to VOTE IN LOCAL ELECTIONS.  What’s important to you?  A safe school building?  Learn who stands for what.  The League of Women Voters is an excellent resource for non-partisan information.  Vote, or you get this.

I no longer have children in school but I sure do hope the “new” BET and RTM get with the program and finally start supporting the children of Greenwich, the educators and all staff who work in  our schools.

Monica Prihoda, former RTM member