LETTER: Everything You Need to Know About Democratic Leadership on the BET and What to Expect Going Forward

Submitted by Laura Erickson, Miriam Kreuzer, Beth Krumeich, Leslie Moriarty, Jeff Ramer and David Weisbrod

In 2017, voters in Greenwich cast more votes for the Democratic slate of BET candidates resulting in majority control for the first time in Greenwich’s history. What did the Democrats accomplish?

1. Democrats kept taxes low. The Mill Rate increased 1.4% on average over the last two years under Democratic control versus an average 2.9% over the previous ten years of Republican leadership.
2. Democrats prevented $1.75 million of Republican cuts to the education budget.
3. Democrats implemented improvements to make the audit function of the Town more independent.
4. Democrats enacted a more diversified investment portfolio assuming no additional risk, while increasing revenue from cash holdings.
5. Democrats improved oversight of capital projects, initiated a study of Town athletic fields, and started tackling the challenges of climate change and cyber-security.

The Democrats have two years of track record in the majority and have demonstrated proven results. What are our guiding principles for the next two years?

1. Respect for the Taxpayer. Taxpayers expect a level of professional service from Town government, excellent schools and amenities which make Greenwich a special place for our residents. There are challenges ahead which must be addressed openly and with resolve, mindful of the balance between low taxes and shared community values.

2. Strategic Leadership. The Democrats believe that the time is now to plan for our future. Thoughtful investments reduce the need for costly short-term fixes. This bolsters our competitive advantages and attracts new families and businesses to strengthen our
tax base.

3. Fiscal Discipline. The BET Democrats all have professional backgrounds in finance and law. We have a deep understanding through 80 years of combined municipal service, serving as Town volunteers and raising our families in this community. We understand that every dollar spent in our Town budget should create value for our diverse citizenry, whether it be for public safety, education, recreation or human services. We will always support our core values within a framework of fiscal prudence.

Voters have a choice on November 5th. Please support the Democratic slate of BET candidates based on a proven track record and a vision that supports accountable government and investment in a fiscally responsible manner.

Laura Erickson, Miriam Kreuzer, Beth Krumeich, Leslie Moriarty, Jeff Ramer and David Weisbrod