Kostin: Tesei’s Outrage is Selective

Letter to the editor submitted by former candidate for State Rep district 151 Laura Kostin

Disgraced former Navy Seal Carl Higbie is being allowed to use Greenwich Town Hall for a “televised debate” taking place later this week (seemingly in violation of Town rules).

Mr. Higbie, an ardent Trump supporter, said he hopes the event will spark “fireworks.” And perhaps help him garner legitimacy for reviving a career in politics.

First Selectman Peter Tesei and State Representative Fred Camillo were slated to give opening remarks at this “televised” forum.

However, after hearing from outraged constituents, Fred Camillo has found a place to be, other than Town Hall at that particular date and time.

That leaves First Selectman Peter Tesei as the only elected official participating in this media charade, which he has defended on social media as a matter of “free speech.”

One might recall Mr. Tesei inserting himself into a post-election tete-a-tete… one in which he excoriated me publicly for uttering a naughty word on election night— and demanded an apology.

I later apologized, while Mr. Tesei hit the fainting couch and feigned indignation.

Mr. Higbie, to his credit, apologized for his past racist, homophobic and Islamophoblc rants on radio, and his regret would seem sincere were it not for his continued engagement in offensive discourse.

Mr. Tesei isn’t demanding an apology from him about his recent Tweets regarding trans Americans, for instance.

In fact, Mr. Tesei, a Republican, is bending the rules (which limit use of Town Hall to local non-profits and also include a hefty insurance stipulation) so a partisan publicity stunt by Mr. Higbie can take place at Greenwich Town Hall… and he’s participating to boot.

Mr. Tesei has been a supporter of the “Think Greenwich” initiative, which seeks to market our Town as an ideal place to live, work, eat, shop, etc.

This is event is hardly what people should think of when they “Think Greenwich.”

While shaming me, Peter Tesei said, “Politics aside, this type of insensitive, civil discourse is what this town has not and will not tolerate.”

And yet, it seems, he hopes this town will, when it benefits his party.

We all deserve an explanation and perhaps an apology from Mr. Tesei.

Laura Kostin