LETTER: Nastiness Toward Democratic Polling Tables on Election Day is Disappointing

Submitted by Monica Prihoga, Old Greenwich with this note:  While I have been re-elected to the RTM, the Following is my opinion only.

My mother taught me:  “Money can buy you a lot of things but it cannot buy you class.”

It is very disappointing learn of the nastiness spoken and displayed on Election Day against Democratic polling tables in various districts.  I did not hear of any such incidents against the Republican tables.  Thankfully, Old Greenwich District 6 was peaceful and respectful.

I do not speak for the RTM, but having been re-elected to serve the Town of Greenwich in District 6 I look forward to a respectful discourse of issues concerning our town.

While we may have different ideas and approaches to how issues should be handled and financed, I believe it can be done in a dignified way.

I look forward to working with both returning members and newly elected members of the RTM.

It’s OUR town – ALL of us.

Thank you and respectfully yours,

Monica Prihoda
Old Greenwich