Camillo: Horton Wrong to Insinuate I Will Hand out Jobs to Friends

Letter to the editor from First Selectman Elect Fred Camillo:

As I get ready to assume the role as our town’s First Selectman, it is unfortunate that I have to write this letter, but in the interests of truth, fairness, and journalistic integrity, I am compelled to hit the send button.

Bob Horton’s most recent article is again factually incorrect, and libelous. While I have contacted both the Greenwich Time editorial staff and Mr. Horton himself about past inaccuracies due to a lack of research, the pattern continues.

The fact that this column, with its usual bias and incorrect information, continues to run on the front page is not helpful to the paper, or its readers.

In the most recent example, Mr. Horton states that former State Rep. Mike Bocchino works for a parking services company and that I may be considering contracting with them instead of handling this service in house.

This outrageous statement is baffling since Mr. Bocchino does not now nor has ever worked for this or any other parking services company.

He also insinuates that the new First Selectman will be handing out jobs to friends.

I don’t know Bob that well, but our interactions have always been cordial. I would like nothing better than to have an honest, open, and fair professional relationship with him and any other writer for the paper, but there will be a letter to the editor from me each time a column like this is written.

He also states that  his “progressive” side will not allow him to overlook the lack of female representation and persons from the western side of town.

I think he overlooked the fact that my running mate was a female and lives in Glenville, or that my campaign team was full of leaders that were female. In fact, I was the only male at the top of the GOP ticket this year.

Specific to the transition team, one person on it grew up on the western side of town, and another lived there for many years.  Merit, inclusion, civic pride, ideas, and passion will be at the center of the administration, not identity politics.

If Mr. Horton, or any other op-ed writers want answers to questions, they have my cell number. They also have an open invitation to visit me at town hall. I would be more than happy to assist them with factual answers and honest responses.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and safe travels!