PHOTOS: Keeping Up With Santo, The Soulful White Shepherd

Our story on the white shepherd “Santo” earlier this week was well read and families are interested in meeting him. The story got 470 Likes and was read by over 1,000 people.

Families have expressed interest, but Santo is still available. And, of course, we were eager to meet him and share some photos.

anto was a stray in Georgia when he wound up at an Animal Control Center that lacked the ability to treat him. He might have been euthanized if not for a network of rescuers who came to his aid and arranged for his treatment.

Santo received care at Spot On Veterinary Center in Stamford where his heartworm treatment was made possible in a united a generous outreach effort via Spot On and The Veterinary Care Foundation.


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He has been in Connecticut since the fall and has been fostered in Greenwich since Thanksgiving.

His foster, Franchesca Biondo, reports that Santo is nearly finished his recovery, which has required he stay calm and quiet in order to rest.

Santo carries his toys around his foster mom’s house. Feb 14, 2020. Photo: Leslie Yager

Santo, almost two years old, is a large but gentle dog at 90 lbs.

His white coat contrasts with his soulful amber eyes, which made him fun to photograph.

He is extremely affectionate and will lean against you and give you kisses. His foster mom reports that he has settled in nicely but is eager to bond with a forever family.

Please direct any inquiries to: Franchesca Biondo (203) 559-1498 Franche[email protected] or Spot On Director Kaeley Blum (203) 973-7768.

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Santo is almost finished his recovery from a successful heartworm treatment. Feb 14, 2020. Photo: Leslie Yager

Santo. Feb 14, 2020. Photo: Leslie Yager

Santo is almost two years old and weighs 90 lbs. Feb 14, 2020. Photo: Leslie Yager

Santo is super affectionate. Feb 14, 2020. Photo: Leslie Yager

Santo is super affectionate. Feb 14, 2020. Photo: Leslie Yager