Santo, a Young German Shepherd Will Bond and Thrive in Permanent Home

Searching for an Ideal Home for Santo, A Young Creamy Dreamy German Shepherd.

Santo took a village, a Greenwich resident and a circle of altruistic veterinary professionals committed to saving Santo from euthanasia at a Georgia Animal Control facility this past fall brought him to tender loving and thorough care at Spot On Veterinary Center in Stamford where he has been treated for heartworm made possible in a united a generous outreach effort via Spot On and The Veterinary Care Foundation.

Santo’s foster (a rescue volunteer) was contacted about this young dog via a rescue group in Georgia, where he was found as a stray, and due to lack of space and resources was doomed.

Currently his foster, a cancer patient in chemotherapy treatment recalls, “Santo strongly resonated with her. She said with “tried and true Spot On Veterinary Group, together we are dedicated to care for Santo until we can be assured we find the best home possible.”

Santo, almost two years old, has spent several weeks at the center and the past several weeks in foster in respite care post heartworm treatment which will continue until March.

To successfully complete his treatment requires a tremendous commitment to keeping him calm, quiet and nurtured so he may have the opportunity to bond and thrive in an ideal home.

“The reality is I don’t have the years to promise Santo and he is anxious to bond, I want the most patient, kind loving placement I can secure for him,” his current foster said. “It has been an honor and joy, and a profound labor of love to have the spirit of the Spot On Group align for Santo’s highest well being going forward.”

Santo is a large dog at 90 lbs of creamy white fur and soulful amber eyes. He has a spirited affectionate nature, and would best be compatible as an only pet with an adopter who works from home or a at least one stay at home mom or dad – and children over 12 in a home that can accommodate him with a fenced yard, as he loves to be close and will evolve into a loyal family member.

Santo is a very special soul…