“Making Connections” between Parsonage Cottage and The Nathaniel Witherell

A new walking path connecting two neighbors, Parsonage Cottage Senior Residence and The Nathaniel Witherell, was completed last November thanks to work donated by a local, family-run business, A. Vitti Excavators, LLC of Stamford.

Contributed Photo by Parsonage Cottage Senior Residence (left to right) Penny Lore, Tony Vitti Jr., Tony Vitti Sr., Sam Romeo, John Mastronardi (Executive Director, The Nathaniel Witherell)

While visiting Parsonage Cottage residents last fall, First Selectman Fred Camillo was made aware of the deterioration of the sidewalk, with holes and constant flooding, by Parsonage resident Alice Migliore, who uses the path almost daily with a walker. Despite a lack of budget, Camillo, Greenwich Communities Chairman Sam Romeo, and the Vitti family business were able to repair the sidewalk with their quick efforts.

Last week, Parsonage Cottage Executive Director Penny Lore and Sam Romeo gathered at The Nathaniel Witherell to express their gratitude to the Vitti family for their contribution towards the new path. Camilo referred to the path as the “great connector” through Parsonage Cottage’s beautifully landscaped property.

The Vittis, who have a long history in Greenwich and Stamford, responded to the need at Parsonage with work estimated at over $10,000.

Ms Lore extended “heartfelt thanks to all involved for their advocacy and efforts in restoring this path, which will serve as a safe and accessible route connecting our two communities for years to come.” She also commended Fred Camillo and Sam Romeo for their unwavering commitment to the Town of Greenwich and the generosity of the Vitti family.