Parsonage Cottage Gets a New Walking Path Connecting it to The Nathaniel Witherell

A walking path connecting Parsonage Cottage Senior Residence and The Nathaniel Witherell, the town-owned nursing home, was upgraded last week thanks to the suggestion of a Parsonage Cottage resident, Town of Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo, Greenwich Communities Chairman Sam Romeo and work donated by A.Vitti Excavators, LLC.

Fred Camillo, Town of Greenwich First Selectman; Alice Migliore, Parsonage Cottage resident; Sam Romeo, Greenwich Communities Chairman; Penny Lore, Parsonage Cottage Senior Residence Executive Director; Tony Vitti Sr; and Tony Vitti Jr, of A. Vitti Excavators. Contributed photo: Sue Moretti Bodson, Emboss, LLC

Alice Migliore uses the walking path every afternoon to visit her neighbors at Nathaniel Witherell. But over time the path deteriorated so much that Migliore said there were days she waded through water almost to her ankles.

“I called it the Erie Canal,” Migliore said, pointing to the end of the walkway closest to the Nathaniel Witherell property line.

She added that that once the mud took over, she began to refer to it as the Mississippi River.

First Selectman Camillo often visits Parsonage Cottage, and on his most recent visit, Migliore told him and Mr. Romeo about the condition of the walkway. The two quickly went into action to address the situation. Fast-forward just a couple of weeks and enter Tony Vitti, Sr. and Tony Vitti, Jr. of A. Vitti Excavators who donated their time and services to repair the sidewalk. Camilo called the new path the “great connector” through Parsonage Cottage’s “beautifully landscaped” property.

On Thursday Camillo, Romeo, Tony Vitti Sr, Tony Vitti Jr, Alice Migliore and Parsonage Cottage Executive Director Penny Lore met on the pathway.

The Vittis, who have a long history of experience in Greenwich and Stamford, stepped up and responded to the need at Parsonage.

Ms Lore expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the Vittis, Camillo and Romeo for their advocacy and efforts for the new path, which not only promotes physical connectivity but also strengthens the sense of community spirit and shared spaces.

The group talked about the next steps for the pathway which include new benches and solar lighting.

For information about Parsonage Cottage, please contact Penny Lore at (203) 869-6226 or [email protected]