Parks & Rec to Take Reservations for Camp Outs, Clambakes, Picnics Jan 17 at 8:00am

The Greenwich Department of Parks & Recreation will accept reservations for residents* who wish to obtain picnic and overnight camping permits for the 2017 Season, beginning on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 8:00 am in the Cone Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Town Hall.

The rule is first come, first served.

*Residency must be established with two proofs for the primary addressee on the household account and one proof for the permit holder (if not the primary addressee) at or before the time of reservation.

Acceptable proofs of residency include a residential rental lease, current utility bill, current credit card bill, bank statement, CT ID Card or Driver’s License.

Reservations for overnight island camping include: Great Captain Island and Island Beach. Reservations are limited to one night per family per season.

Reservations for Town picnic areas include: Bruce Park-Wood Road Picnic Area, Byram Park Clambake Area, Greenwich Point Clambake Area, Greenwich Point Cowbarn Area, and the Pinetum Picnic Area. Reservations are limited to one reservation per family per season.

All fees must be paid in full at the time of reservation. We accept Cash (exact- change only please), Checks (made payable to: “Town of Greenwich”), and Visa, MasterCard & Discover credit cards.

If you have an open balance with the Parks and Recreation office for any of our services or programs, you must settle this amount due before any Picnic and/or Overnight Island Camping permits will be issued.

For more information please visit the Parks & Rec website at:

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