Book Shed at Holly Hill is Ideal (Free) Resource for Kids Summer Reading

The Book Shed at Holly Hill (located in the single stream recycling area) is a great resource for your kids’ summer reading books.

The shed is open Friday and Saturday mornings from 7:00am to 12:00 noon.

“We get about 150 people a day who can take up to 10 books for free,” said Lorrie Stapleton who volunteers at the book shed.

Stapleton said the book swap is a great recycling resource for the town.

“We estimate that we receive over 100,000 books a year,” she said.

Stapleton said that extra books in good condition are hand delivered to schools, homeless shelters, community centers, senior centers and nursing homes – 19,000 children’s books and 8,000 adult books each year on average.

book swap kids

“People are always thrilled to hear that their kid’s books will be getting a new home,” she said.

Longtime volunteer Doug Francefort who has run the book swap since the 1970s, is turning 90 this year in December.

“He and his wife Eleanor never miss a week of work,” Stapleton said, adding that Doug also maintains the book shelves at the Island Beach Ferry dock.

The book swap also receives generous donations of gently used children’s books from several public and private schools in Greenwich, as well as local libraries and book organizations like Darien Book Aid.

In total the book swap has delivered about 115,000 kids books from all these sources since 2015 to over 120 institutions.

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