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GHS Student: Unity Rally On One Month Anniversary of Parkland Missed the Mark

“Shame on the GHS administration for the way they handled the situation. And quite frankly, shame on the GHS student body for the way they accepted the situation. If you so desperately want a political voice, you might have to break some rules and cross some lines.” – Jake Karetsky Continue Reading →

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Letter: Greenwich School Administration Must Not Prioritize Athletic Schedules Over Health and Well-being of All Students.

“The administration needs to prioritize healthy sleep and enjoyable learning for our teens. They should be supporting our students by championing this wonderful evidence-based, medically correct change. It’s simply premature to recommend any morning bell change at this time.” – Valerie Erde Continue Reading →

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Newly Formed Superintendent’s Start/Dismissal Time Steering Committee Exchanges Thoughts

“This shouldn’t be polarizing. It should be done without throwing out the science of sleep. I fear this will bee seen in the context of a political movement. We’re honoring the science of sleep, but realizing some small adjustments could make a big difference – we will not surrender or retreat.” – GHS headmaster Chris Winters Continue Reading →

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