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Galvanize Grassroots Panel Preps College Students for Intolerance on Campus

“In situations of injustice, we can’t take oppression as normal,” Berteaux said. “What I see on campuses is that Jewish students are blamed for the actions of the Israeli army, and that issues of racism toward Asians or Anti-Semitism toward Jews are forms of oppression that don’t matter,” said journalism student Anthony Berteaux, who was a panelist at the GalvanizeGrassroots discussion at Central Middle School on Sunday. Continue Reading →

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5 Must-Read Tips for College Freshmen from a Recent Grad from Greenwich

Maybe you will learn that the loudest people at the party are often the most lost. Maybe you will learn that a warm, infectious smile isn’t always indicative of a good person underneath, and that owning your flaws can make you stronger than anything else in this world. College is awesome. Get ready for the wildest, scariest four years of your life thus far. Continue Reading →

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