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Wall Street Theater 2023 Gala to Feature The Irish Tenors with Norwalk Symphony Orchestra on June 17

The Irish Tenors have been the acknowledged Celtic music kings since they burst upon the scene during a 1998 TV special from Ireland and then their first U.S. televised show, “Live from Ellis Island” with award-winning actor Martin Sheen as host. Continue Reading →

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Free Screening of Environmental Film on PFAS, “The Forever Chemicals” That Never Break Down

The Devil We Know is a documentary film about corporate greed, toxic chemicals, and the failure of our government to safeguard our citizens. PFAS (Per-and PolyFluoroAlkyl Substances), a class of more than 4,700 synthetic organic chemicals, have recently entered the national spotlight due to concerns about their potential risk to human health and the environment. They have been manufactured and used worldwide since the 1940s.
Since PFAS are not currently known to break down by natural processes, they could persist in the environment indefinitely, earning them the nickname “forever chemicals.” Continue Reading →

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