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VIDEO: Temple Sholom Kicks Off Rosh Hashanah with Sounds the Shofar

This year, due to Covid, synagogues are not blowing shofar indoors. But Stu Seltzer, who has demonstrated the shofar at Temple Sholom indoors on the stage for the past five years, noted Tuesday was a beautiful day for an outdoor demonstration. Continue Reading →

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Temple Sholom to Celebrate 100 Years of Jewish Music at Upcoming Concert

On Sunday, May 15 at 4:30 pm, Temple Sholom (300 East Putnam Avenue) will highlight the extraordinary voices of the synagogue’s music program in a special spring concert, open to the community. Led by Cantor Asa Fradkin, this harmonious experience for all ages will feature melodies from different eras of Jewish music in tribute to the temple’s 100th Anniversary. Continue Reading →

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