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P&Z Approves Legal Settlement for 30 Unit Building to Replace Homes on Milbank

The application was submitted before P&Z changed the rule in R-6 zone allowing no more than 2-family homes. After P&Z denied the project in 2017, the applicant took the Town to court. The settlement involves 30 units in two buildings connected by a glass lobby. Continue Reading →

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19-Unit Backward-Facing Milbank Ave Development Scrutinized by P&Z

Planning and Zoning said the proposed extra-long, brick 19-unit, 3 story development was “wall-like” and three stories feels high due to being atop a hill. The questioned whether it was in keeping with the neighborhood and balked at the enormous underground garage with 19 individual storage spaces. Continue Reading →

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ARC Bashes Proposed “Modern, Sleek” Multi-Family Next to Town Hall, Grandfathered Before New R-6 Regs

On Wednesday night, the Architectural Review Committee again said the “modern, sleek” building proposed for the corner of Field Point Road and Sound View Drive would be out of character with the neighborhood. Continue Reading →

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Proposed Redevelopment of 38 St. Roch Ave Would Include Remediation, 7 Units and Total of 24 Bedrooms

38 St. Roch Ave LLC presented an application for a final site plan and special permit to demolish all existing structures at 38 St. Roch Ave in Chickahominy and construct two new multi-family dwellings for a total of seven units. Continue Reading →

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