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Restoration Proposed after “Devastating” Unauthorized Cutting and Wetlands Violations

A total of 186 trees over 4-inch DBH were removed; others were limbed, plus an unquantified amount of shrubs on Ashton Drive properties including Governor Lamont’s. Some tree cutting stemmed from trespass onto a neighbor’s forest. Police got involved when the neighbor’s property manager reported the trespassing. Continue Reading →

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WETLANDS WATCH: Milbrook Crossing Raises Concern about Flooding, Pollution, Loss of Stabilizing Trees

“It’s in a flood way and 100 year flood plane. I have significant concern – it’s not clear how the site would be protected in small events let alone significant ones.” – Pat Sesto, Director of Greenwich Environmental Affairs Continue Reading →

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WETLANDS WATCH: 28 Proposed Residences at Former Mel Gibson Estate Scrutinized

About 100 residents wearing “RHA” stickers for Round Hill Association attended Monday’s Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency meeting to object to a proposed development of 28 single family homes organized as condominiums with a community center at 124 Old Mill Road. Continue Reading →

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