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Restoration Proposed after “Devastating” Unauthorized Cutting and Wetlands Violations

A total of 186 trees over 4-inch DBH were removed; others were limbed, plus an unquantified amount of shrubs on Ashton Drive properties including Governor Lamont’s. Some tree cutting stemmed from trespass onto a neighbor’s forest. Police got involved when the neighbor’s property manager reported the trespassing. Continue Reading →

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Wetlands Watch: Pemberwick-Glenville Residents Fearful Proposed Homes Will Create Water Problems

About 20 neighbors shared their fears that moving a stream, eliminating two dozen mature trees, and regrading to make way for two new houses on Hickory Drive would result in changes to watercourses that would adversely impact their properties. Continue Reading →

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Wetlands Agency Delays Application for 3 Houses at 500 Lake Ave after Agency, Residents Question Plan

A proposal do develop 500 Lake Ave into three homes after demolishing the existing 1914 mansion went before the Wetlands Agency on Monday. The applicant wants two of the three homes to have access off Round Hill Rd, where neighbors, including the Land Trust said there are sheets of water that come off the hill that is stabilized by trees the applicant seeks to remove. Though the applicant’s engineer insisted the proposal only needed tweaking, that was just the start of Agency’s concerns with the proposal. Continue Reading →

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