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Greenwich Daffodil Society Announces 65th Annual Connecticut Daffodil Show

The Greenwich Daffodil Society is hosting its Sixty-Fifth Annual Connecticut Daffodil Show at Christ Church Greenwich, 254 East Putnam Avenue, April 26-27, 2023. In addition to daffodil entries in the Horticulture Division, the show features an artistic section which includes Flower Arranging and Photography. There are special sections for youth entries in both Horticulture and Photography. Anyone may enter the show. Entries to the show will be accepted Tuesday, April 25, 1:00-5:00pm andWednesday, April 26, 7-10:00am. Continue Reading →

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Christ Church to Host Free Talk: “Live, Learn, and Love – How to Disagree in a Polarized World” This Sunday

We live in an increasingly polarized society whose divisions cut across our families, churches, towns, and communities. Join Dr. Jewelle Bickel for an exploration of why disagreement is so difficult, how we can disagree well with one another, and how our faith can help. Continue Reading →

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Christ Church to Host Free Parenting Talk: “Living in an Age of Anxiety and Finding Hope”

Anxiety was already a crisis pre-covid, but the pandemic has increased it exponentially, especially for students. It’s not only challenging for them but their families as well. Why are they anxious? It can be about their performance, how they are being perceived, social media, their bodies, isolation, and more. Continue Reading →

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