Christ Church to Host Free Talk: “Live, Learn, and Love – How to Disagree in a Polarized World” This Sunday

Christ Church is hosting a free talk as part of their Sunday Forum series.

Dr. Jewelle Bickel will present “Live, Learn, and Love: How to Disagree in a Polarized World” on Sunday, March 19, 11:15 am in Christ Church’s Parish Hall.

Dr. Jewelle Bickel

We live in an increasingly polarized society whose divisions cut across our families, churches, towns, and communities.

Join Dr. Jewelle Bickel for an exploration of why disagreement is so difficult, how we can disagree well with one another, and how our faith can help.

Come in person for coffee, breakfast and conversation. Or livestream the talk here:

Bring your cell phones because you are going to vote on Menti!

Dr. Bickel is a lecturer in Catholic Studies at Sacred Heart University and a graduate of Yale Divinity School and the University of Oklahoma.

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