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Audi Wins Rematch at P&Z in Overtime

Despite a show of force by RTM members and neighbors of the Audi dealership on West Putnam Ave, Audi won approval for their expansion and updates to exterior lighting. Peter Quigley, member of the harbor commission expressed “grave” concerns about pollution to Horseneck Brook, which feeds into Long Island Sound. There was also vociferous opposition came from a stream of RTM members from all parts of town, including Mike Warner, Peter Berg and Bill Galvin, as well as Ginny Gwynn, director of Greenwich Land Trust. T Continue Reading →

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Car Dealership Neighbors Fed Up with Car Alarms & Glare from Bright Lights

At the Feb 11 P&Z meeting, neighbors of the Audi dealership on West Putnam Ave expressed frustration with lights being left on at night and casting glare into their homes, as well as concerns about pollution into Horseneck Brook and flooding. Neighbors were also frustrated at what they described as a lack of communication from the Audi dealership. Continue Reading →

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