Saying Happy Birthday to Bob at New Lebanon School in Byram!

Bob Lynagh, the beloved crossing guard at New Lebanon School, turns 81 on Sunday.

On Friday morning one of Mr. Lynagh’s fans in Byram was up super early to decorate his post outside the school with birthday balloons and posters! By 7:33 am, when Mr. Lynagh arrived to set up his orange cones, smiling despite the below freezing temperatures,he was surprised by the gesture.

Mr. Lynagh looks forward to celebrating his big day on Sunday with his wife Jean. The couple will be going to a performance of Company at Curtain Call in Stamford, followed by a drink at the Ponus Yacht Club and a nice dinner back in Greenwich at Bella Nonna on Railroad Ave.

happy birthdayA Greenwich native, Mr. Lynagh finished GHS in 1954 and married Jean, his high school sweetheart. He and Jean built their house with their own hands.

As a crossing guard, Bob takes an interest in every member of the school community. Once a month Mr. Lynagh goes to CVS and buys 225 lollipops. Always on a Friday. “I put it in a big bag in the back of the car,” he said, adding, “They all say thank you and it makes them so happy.”

Happy birthday!

happy birthday

Peter van Schaik and his son Henry, a third grader at New Lebanon School, stop to wish Mr. Lynagh happy birthday on Friday. Credit: Leslie Yager


Omar Corado stops to say happy birthday to Bob Lynagh on Friday. Credit: Leslie Yager

Carolyn Spence

New Lebanon School literacy specialist Carolyn Spence stops to wish Mr. Lynagh happy birthday on Friday morning. Credit: Leslie Yager

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