GCDS Becomes First High School Served by Hospital for Special Surgery as Official Hospital

Greenwich Country Day School announced on Wednesday that Hospital for Special Surgery will serve as the official hospital of GCDS Athletics in Greenwich.

This partnership with Hospital for Special Surgery enables GCDS student athletes to benefit from one of the global leaders in sports medicine.

Hospital for Special Surgery, the nation’s top-ranked hospital for orthopedics for the past ten consecutive years (US News & World Report 2019-2020), is the official hospital also for the New York Giants, New York Mets, New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, US Rowing, and USA Basketball. HSS has been named a leader in pediatric orthopedics by US News and World Report “Best Children’s Hospitals” list 2019-2020. GCDS is the first high school athletics program to offer families this level of expertise and facilitated access through a partnership with Hospital for Special Surgery.

Hospital for Special Surgery will provide access to high quality preventative, surgical, rehabilitative and performance services to GCDS athletes in addition to their specialties in orthopedic surgery and the treatment of rheumatologic conditions. Once a week, a Hospital for Special Surgery physician will also be available on campus in the Athletic Training Room, and a physician from HSS will be present for game-day coverage at all home football games.

“Not only are we gaining access to elite orthopedic care, but the resources and technology of Hospital for Special Surgery are unparalleled,” said Patrick Curry, GCDS head athletic trainer in a release. “This year our athletes will receive expert HSS movement analysis using FDA-endorsed 3D computer vision technology
that will help our athletic trainers and coaches to prevent injuries. Athletes and coaches will also run through the HSS Sport Safety Program to establish proper warm up techniques, awareness of body position, and recognition of unsafe movements while playing sports.”

The lead HSS physicians for GCDS are Dr. Warren Young, who is a team physician for Iona College and Concordia College; Dr. Samuel Taylor, who currently serves as associate team physician for the New York Giants; and Dr. Karen Sutton, who is head team physician for U.S. Women’s Lacrosse, chief medical officer for World Lacrosse, and team physician for US Ski & Snowboard. In addition to a main campus in New York City, HSS has facilities in Westchester and Stamford among others.

“Young athletes are demanding peak performance from their bodies and we want to work with parents, coaches and training staff to ensure they maintain overall fitness to prevent injury while having fun,” said Dr. Sutton, sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery Stamford, adding, “It’s important for young
athletes to develop a foundation of strength beginning with their entire core, participate in exercise programs that promote flexibility, eat right and pay attention to pain.”

GCDS will also collaborate with HSS to offer informational workshops and presentations for students, parents, and coaches on key topics related to health and wellness such as nutrition,
stress management, and injury prevention and recovery.

Greenwich Country Day School is a co-ed, independent Nursery – Grade 12 college preparatory day school in Greenwich