Dr. Jill Gildea Addresses Retired Men’s Association on Trends in Education

Dr. Jill Gildea, exiting Greenwich Public Schools superintendent, spoke on Wednesday morning to the Retired Men’s Association of Greenwich at First Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Gildea brought up several unique school programs including “steminars,” integrated partnerships, as well as a personal learner profile.

Dr. Gildea describes steminars as project based learning that can range from robotics to computational thinking to coding. This program progresses the education of the students by giving students the opportunity to extend learning with projects.

Integrated partnerships describe the relationships between nonprofit partners and the Greenwich Public Schools.

“Greenwich alliance for education funds innovative programming such as programs that teachers come up with that can’t necessarily be afforded with the school budget,” Gildea said. The superintendent noted that there are 150 non-profit partners supporting the Greenwich community.

A third program mentioned by Dr. Gildea, the personal learner profile, is a unique method in displaying the progress of each student. Instead of just a grade, this profile collects information such as community service, attendance, and the clubs that a student participates in. Gildea commented, “By the time they graduate, the students will have a college resume.”

Dr. Gildea also discussed the use of technology in Greenwich Public Schools.

“The digital learning environment has been in place for about five years in Greenwich and it has been highly successful,” she said.

The detailed presentation made by Dr. Gildea as well as the variety of questions from the RMA that followed undoubtedly demonstrated a focus by the Greenwich community to further the education of its students and create the most effective learning environment possible.


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