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State Rep Steve Meskers (D-150) to Address RMA, Open to the Public

State Representative Meskers (D-150) will discuss his views on healthcare reform and the proposal to introduce tolls on Connecticut highways. He will also address the energy markets, the budgetary process, and the pros and cons of boosting state revenues by increasing taxes on estates, property, and capital gains. Continue Reading →

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RMA Speaker Series: Congressman Himes to Present “A Report from Washington DC” on Feb 20

Congressman Jim Himes will discuss the challenges facing the new Democratic House of Representatives. Over the coming months, Democrats will be taking action to protect and improve the Affordable Care Act, preserve the environment, invest in infrastructure, rein in the President’s power to make war, protect LGBTQ and women’s rights and create immigration solutions that work. Legislative priorities include providing paid family leave and working to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions. Continue Reading →

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Mayo and Schools Principals Share a Glimpse into 21st Century Greenwich Schools Classrooms

Superintendent Ralph Mayo along with principals Marc D’Amico, Jill Flood, Jason Goldstein gave a talk about personalized learning in Greenwich Schools. The administrators were introduced by BOE chair Peter Bernstein. Continue Reading →

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