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Congratulations, Your baby is turning 18…and you can’t make his healthcare decisions any more!

“But while your child may seem like a minor to you (and on occasion even acts like it), in the eyes of the law he is an adult for most purposes.” – By Alessandra M. Messineo Long, The Law Offices of Alessandra M. Messineo Long, LLC Continue Reading →

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Teamsters Rally at Greenwich Town Hall for a “fair and equitable collective bargaining agreement”

“The Town settles contracts that are fair both to its employees as well as to the taxpayers of the Town and will pursue arbitration when needed. The Town respects the work of the Teamsters. However, the Town will not conduct contract negotiations in the press.” – Fred Camillo Continue Reading →

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Town Owned Nursing Home: Balancing Finances, Staff Reductions, Vaccine Reluctance, Patient Safety Amid Covid

This week, during the monthly board meeting of the Nathaniel Witherell, the Town of Greenwich owned nursing home, again there was discussion about staff vaccination levels, staff reductions and the ongoing desire of loved ones to have indoor visitation – all given the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic and preparations for a possible sale of the facility. Continue Reading →

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Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich Member Gabriela Aliaga Wins National Art Award

A sixth grade member of Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich who attends Western Middle School, Gabriela Aliaga was recently named a winner of the 2021 Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Youth Talent Search. The search was to find a variety of youth artists and performers to showcase their talents for Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Virtual National Conference, which takes place May 4 and 5, 2021. Continue Reading →

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ONE WATER: Climate impacts on water resources. Putting it all together: water, climate change, and our coastline.

During Superstorm Sandy, sand dunes and their vegetative systems at Greenwich Point were pushed back into the town parking lot by a 10-foot storm surge. Hundreds of trees were knocked down, and many more died of saltwater exposure in the days that followed. Since then, community groups and the Town have been working to fortify the dunes heavily with native species to keep sand on the beach and out of the road. Replanting these areas helps to provide food and shelter for animals, and also stabilizes the soil. Continue Reading →

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