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How Long Will It Take To Design My Project?

“At nearly every sales consult to discuss a renovation, the client will ask us this question. Sometimes it takes the form of “When can you start?” Frequently we will be asked “How far out are you booked?” because they think this is what determines the possible start date for their project. Generally, it doesn’t. We can nearly always make a construction crew available when a client has their project ready to build!” – Scott Simonsen, Old World Craftsmen Continue Reading →

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What is a Fair Payment Schedule for a Home Renovation or New Build?

The overall principle of a fair payment schedule is that the percentage of money paid should stay approximately current with the percentage of work done. The exception is custom materials that must be purchased far in advance such as windows and cabinetry – the client is expected to provide the deposit to cover these items, as with most custom orders. Continue Reading →

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How much does a basement renovation cost?

As with bathroom and kitchen renovations, every basement renovation is unique. However, certain aspects will greatly influence the overall cost including electrical needs, heating/cooling, insulation, waterproofing and egress construction costs. A good design phase is imperative to bring the cost factors to light and create an accurate budget. Continue Reading →

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How Much Does a Bathroom Cost?

The exact price of your bathroom, like other projects, depends on dozens of details about your specific project scope. Here’s some information and things to consider when you’re doing your personal feasibility study of your project. Before we get started on numbers, there is one main thing to keep in mind: your final bathroom cost will primarily be determined on your product selections and demo costs. Continue Reading →

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How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost?

Every custom renovation is unique to you and your home, and upon completion of a design phase, you’ll need a detailed construction proposal with your exact project costs. But before embarking on a design phase, clients need to know potential cost ranges for their project as a baseline feasibility for taking on the work in designing the space. Continue Reading →

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