Parent Charged after Teen Drinking Party with 200 Guests in Back Country

On Saturday night around 11:00pm, Greenwich Police responded to a complaint about parked cars creating a roadway hazard  in back country.

On July 15 police headed to John Street and discovered about 50 cars parked on both sides of the road, blocking traffic.

According to Lt David Nemecek, police observed people milling about, entering and leaving the property at 168 John Street, which is a guest house for 170 John Street.

At the guest house, there was music playing and people shouting. Officers observed beer cans and cups, but no signs of persons being intoxicated. Still guests scattered when police arrived.

Lt Nemecek said that in situations involving underage drinking parties, police are concerned about safety. “We don’t want them to get hurt,” he said, adding that there have been late night parties in cold weather where kids flee into the woods in the dark and become injured.

In the case of the party on July 15 on John street, police reported about 200 people present.

Lawrence F Lunt, 55, of 170 John Street,  was arrested and charged with Illegal Delivery Liquor to Minor. His was the sole arrest in the incident.

Police reported that the party was hosted by Mr. Lunt’s daughter with his consent and knowledge of the underage drinking taking place.

Mr. Lunt was given a misdemeanor summons and released at the scene. He has a court date on August 7 in Stamford Superior Court.

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