Greenwich Cop’s Quick Thinking and Medical Knowledge: Lifesaver Twice in One Month

Greenwich Police cars, newGreenwich Police have named Police Officer Jason Lyman officer of the month for June 2014.

On June 16 Officer Lyman responded to a local residence on a report of a casualty. According to a statement from Lt. Kraig Gray, upon his arrival at the residence, Lyman discovered that a landscaper had fallen off of a lawn tractor and suffered significant trauma to his leg including an apparent amputation of part of his foot and deep lacerations extending the length of that leg.

Realizing that the patient had lost a large amount of blood, and concerned that a major artery had been cut, Officer Lyman applied a tourniquet, which stemmed the loss of blood. After turning patient care over to responding medics, Officer Lyman then took it upon himself to locate the severed parts so they could be transported to the hospital with the patient. Officer Lyman is credited by GEMS for directly saving the patient’s life.

“Our department is always striving to provide superior police services. In this instance your rapid response, professional demeanor and medical knowledge all came tighter to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient. On behalf of the patient, his family, and the community I commend your actions.” Greenwich Police Chief Heavey.

It should also be noted that on June 30, Officer Lyman was working a Field Training Officer with Probationary Officer Kyle Rilett, when they were dispatched to a medical call of a subject who was having difficulty breathing on the side of the road. Upon arrival they found that a subject had gone into cardiac arrest while sitting on the wall at Hamilton Avenue School. The Officers moved the patient to the ground at which time Rilett began CPR while Lyman retrieved the Automatic External Defibrillator from the patrol car.

The Greenwich Emergency Medical Paramedics arrived and primary patient care was turned over to GEMS while the officers continued to assist with the patient’s emergency care. The patient is now recovering with a positive prognosis due to a quick response and early CPR.



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