Camillo Responds to Opinion Piece about Longest-Serving Prisoner in American History

By Fred Camillo

Over the course of the past few days, my office has received numerous requests from residents to conduct a review of the murder conviction of Francis Clifford Smith after an editorial about it was published on the Greenwich Free Press.

While the piece that was published is an opinion piece, not an article, I take these requests seriously. I am aware of the case, having read about it years ago, and while I have not once seen anything that has pointed to Mr. Smith’s innocence, I did reach out to the Greenwich Police Department to see if they have any information that could clarify this case and Mr. Smith’s conviction.

After speaking to Chief of Police James Heavey, it is clear this is a matter for the courts to weigh in on, not the GPD or the First Selectman’s Office.

The circumstances in this case are unfortunate. When evidence in a case changes, it is the responsibility of the prosecutor and the State’s judicial branch to address it. The Greenwich Police Department no longer has any jurisdiction over this case so the Town of Greenwich has no ability to intervene.

The Town of Greenwich would follow any judicial order from the courts. The Department of Corrections is responsible for Mr. Smith now and I urge people advocating on his behalf to address their concerns to the courts.

First Selectman Fred Camillo, Town of Greenwich

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