GPD Silver Shield Endorses Fiorello for State Rep, 149th District

A release from Greenwich Police Silver Shield Association, the police union, said on Tuesday that for the first time since their founding in 1958, their members had voted to endorse a political candidate.

“We did not take this step lightly, as we have always preferred not to weigh in on political matters but rather concentrate our efforts to serve best the many partnerships, organizations, youth, and folks of our wonderful Town,” Silver Shield said in a release.

“I am proud to announce that the Silver Shield Association, which represents almost one-hundred-fifty active members, from Police Officer to Lieutenants, is endorsing Kimberly Fiorello for State Representative in the 149th House District,” said Louis Pannone, President of the Silver Shield in the release. “Over the last several months, the downward spiral and negative impact of Connecticut politics are of serious concern for those of us who swore, no matter the cost or personal sacrifice, to an oath to ‘protect and serve’ the public.”

The release went on to say that H.B. 6004, “‘An Act Concerning Police Accountability,’ puts both the hard-working, law-abiding citizens and families of Greenwich, and the line-of-duty men and women of law enforcement at greater risk. It has become a matter of urgency for us to take a vested interest in our representation in Hartford, and today we weigh-in for the first time.”

Rear Row  Left to Right: Sergeant Dave Hall, Officer Mike O’Connor, Jr., Master Police Officer Brian Tornga, Lieutenant Dave Nemecek. Front Row Left to Right: Officer Tom Huestis, Candidate Kim Fiorello, Lieutenant Louis S. Pannone (President Silver Shield Association). Contributed photo: Silver Shield

“To us, the Bill was rushed through the State House and Senate with no input from police officers, police Chiefs, unions, and other stakeholders who are directly impacted by this knee-jerk reaction to an out of control national anti-police climate. No evidence whatsoever was presented to show the needs for such drastic changes, and there’s no doubt in my mind that our Connecticut law enforcement community feels deceived and betrayed by these actions. We can no longer stay silent when politicians threaten the integrity of our profession and place unnecessary risk and harm to all police officers. Make no doubt about this; these changes are life-altering not just to the police officers, but to the communities we serve.”

The release continues:

“Kimberly Fiorello demonstrated her commitment by learning about our strengths and needs so that we can best serve our amazing Greenwich community. Over recent months, Kimberly has expressed her concerns publicly through multiple op-eds and videos with subject matter experts.”

“We trust that Kimberly will not falter in representing us, unlike the many elected officials who have. Out of all of our local state legislators, including those challengers running for office, Kimberly was and is the only person who asked us for our opinions before the Bill was voted on. When the Bill became law, once again, Kimberly was and is the only person taking their time by talking to us and others in the law enforcement community on
effective strategies to correct this horrible Bill.”

“If there was ever a time to endorse a candidate, it is now. Police officers are in an almost defenseless position to advocate for their profession and long-standing body of work and dedication that only a police officer would know and understand. We trust that Kimberly will justly represent the needs of the men and women in law enforcement, not just in Greenwich, but the entire State. We are confident that she will go to the Connecticut Legislature and proceed with caution when confronted with reactionary bills, will do her due diligence when she doesn’t know the answers, and continue to ask questions to strengthen legislation and thereby get the best results for her district. The Silver Shield Association is proud to endorse Kimberly Fiorello, candidate for State Representative for the 149th House District.”