Harbor Master Urges Boaters to Attend to the Safety of Their Vessels

From the Greenwich Harbor Master, Monday, Sept 18, 2017:

As Harbormaster of Greenwich the most important issue I face
now is getting the word out to the boaters and residents of our
coastline that there is possibly a major storm event that may be here on Tuesday, September 19th.

This event will require all boaters to attend to the safety of their vessels whether on land or sea. In some cases folks will need all the time they can have to make arrangements to move their boats, rig storm gear and prepare for the upcoming storm.

In the future it is my hope that these early marine warnings will be part of the reverse 911 system to anticipate wind conditions prior to a serious storm event.

Currently the CT Alert Emergency Notification System does not include mariners who generally require more time to prepare their vessels due to increasing wind speeds prior to landfall.

Those who cannot pull their boats may wish to use the hurricane gate in Stamford and may require time to make that trip.

I would add that this will be a quick wind and rain event with an emphasis on the rain.

Bilge pumps should be checked, cleared and backed up with fresh or charged batteries.

Items must be secured from the effects of sustained winds in excess of 45 knots for several hours.

Chafing gear must be in good serviceable condition and, if possible, backed up with extra lines. All rigging must be secure. Sails and canvas tops should be removed. Loose items must be stowed.