TCC Strongly Supports Connecticut’s Policies Protecting Student Athletes: Cisgender, Nonbinary and Trans Student Athletes

Triangle Community Center (TCC) stands firmly behind all cisgender, nonbinary and transgender student athletes in Connecticut.

Under Public Act No. 11-55 AN ACT CONCERNING DISCRIMINATION, enacted in 2011, Connecticut ensures all students in public schools have the ability to participate fully in their school community. Thousands of transgender and nonbinary students participate in athletics and extracurricular activities across the country, and all students regardless of gender identity or gender expression should be guaranteed an equal educational opportunity.

Triangle Community Center (TCC) is dedicated to providing continued education and dialogue around best supporting transgender students on and off the athletic field, which also means offering opportunities for insightful and empathetic dialogue with local school communities of students, parents and faculties.

This is a significant motivator in TCC’s commitment to serving as a partner agency in the Sexual Violence Prevention Collaborative of Fairfield County, which is bringing education to high school athletic communities about the prevention of violence and the diversity of youth identities through its inaugural project “Coaches as Partners.”

To read more or to bring this project to your team or athletic department, check out our website:

Connecticut Safe School Coalition’s offers guidelines for Connecticut schools to comply with Gender Identity and Expression Non-Discrimination Laws, where you can read more about how Connecticut ensures equal access to educational opportunities to all cisgender and transgender students.

GLSEN is a leading education organization working to create safe & LGBTQ-inclusive K-12 schools. Click for GLSEN’s Report on Transgender Inclusion in High School Athletics.

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