Run 4 Office 5K Lets Runners Race for their Presidential Candidate

Race for OfficeThe upcoming 5k race called “Run 4 Office” which allows runners to pick their bib and run for the party they support is reflecting the national mood regarding the presidential election as the top bib choices include: None of the Above, Running Away to Canada and I’m Just a Party Animal.

“These bibs number twice that of the two major parties combined,” said organizer Jim Keenan.

The race will take place two days before the national election on Sunday Nov. 6th at Sherwood Island State Park at 9:30am.

“The runners are getting a kick out of picking their own bibs and knowing the overall results will also predict the presidential winners that Tuesday,” said Keenan.

Runners can register online up to November 1st at noon but pay $5 extra if they register at the race.

“We might run out of certain bib designs and if that’s the case, they get a write-in bib,” said an amused Keenan. “Sorry, no absentee bibs.”

The entry fee not only includes a patriotic race gift but a ticket to The Great Mac and Chili Challenge which follows the race where they will enjoy unlimited samples of chili and mac n’ cheese, and vote on their favorites.

“Not many races include such great food and we love combining the two events and keeping everything in the election theme. Now if these two events don’t make America great, what does?” Keenan inquired.

The restaurants represented in the Great Mac and Chili Challenge include Bogey’s of Norwalk, Chef’s Table of Fairfield, Chilibomb of Fairfield, DrewbaQ food truck, Firehouse Grill of Monroe, Geronimo of Fairfield and New Haven, Hoodoo Brown of Ridgefield, Hub & Spoke of Black Rock Bridgeport, Judy’s Bar & Kitchen of Stamford, Liquid Lunch of Milford and Shelton, Little Pub of Greenwich, Fairfield, Ridgefield and Wilton, Old Post Tavern of Fairfield, Simply Delicious of Norwalk, Stewart’s Market of New Canaan, The Blind Rhino of Norwalk and Tru North of Black Rock Bridgeport.

Racers get to preview the event which opens to the public at 11:00am. The Farmer’s Cow will be on hand to serve both milk and ice cream to the racers as well.

The race itself will be conducted by Marty Schavione, veteran race director who conducts some of the more popular footraces in Fairfield County.

“I think runners will really enjoy this unique race. It’s so different than most they enter and they’ll be part of a fun way to predict the next president. It’s also a great deal as they’ll be fed incredible comfort food after the race,” Schiavone said.

For additional information about Run 4 Office and race registration, please visit

Information and tickets to The Great Mac and Chili Challange can be found online at:

Mac & Chili Challenge