Alex Kasser Earns Nomination at 2020 Democratic 36th District State Senate Convention

On Tuesday evening, at the 2020 Democratic 36th District State Senate Nominating Convention, Senator Alex Kasser earned the Democratic endorsement to seek re-election to represent Greenwich, Stamford, and New Canaan in the State Senate.

“If we learn one lesson from the COVID crisis, I hope it’s this: we are all connected and can determine our collective future,” said Kasser in a release. “If we want a government that’s prepared and principled, we have to be that government. If we want a democracy that’s fair and factual, we have to be that democracy. And if we want a future that’s safe and secure, we have to be that future. This is our responsibility and our work.”

Senator Kasser is the Chair of the Banking Committee and is the Vice Chair of the Judiciary and Transportation Committees.

She describes herself as a socially progressive, fiscally responsible Democrat, who puts policy before party.

Kasser has introduced legislation on the subjects of transportation, financing, student loan reform, domestic violence, and the environment.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Kasser has worked behind the scenes to influence the policies set by the Lamont Administration. She was the first of her colleagues to urge the Governor to issue a stay at home order. She authored a set of safe store practices that were implemented by grocery and retail stores across the state and has demanded clear and measurable metrics for ReOpen CT.

This year’s 36th State Senate District Convention was held via Zoom Conference with delegates from Greenwich, Stamford, and New Canaan, which comprise the 36th State Senate District.

Senator Kasser won the endorsement unanimously via a vote of acclamation.

When she was elected in 2018 she became the first Democrat in 90 years and the first woman ever elected to represent the 36th District in the State Senate.

Kasser will be challenged by the Repubican Ryan Fazio, who was nominated on Monday night.

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