Post-Thanksgivng, Greenwich Covid-19 Numbers Are Disappointing

In a Zoom press conference Wednesday afternoon Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo and Greenwich Hospital CEO Diane Kelly gave an update on Greenwich’s disappointing Covid-19 numbers.

Camillo said there were 181 new Covid-19 cases since last week, which he described as the biggest increase ever.

“This is kind of predicted, not only because of the second wave and the colder weather, but also with the kids coming back from school in the various states and the gatherings,” Camillo said. “You’re looking at another month and a half of really keeping your guard up, and hopefully we’ll see a little bit of light in January and going towards spring.”

Camillo said despite all the positive news about vaccines and from companies working on them, “We are not there yet, especially with the holidays upon us.”

“We want people to enjoy the holidays,” Camillo added. “We want people to have some sense of normalcy, we just want them to do it safely….Just know that we’re in a danger zone right now, and that everything has to be done with that in mind.”

“You still have to go out and buy food. If you have reservations to go out to a a restaurant, go,” Camillo continued. “Just bring your mask, wash your hands, keep a distance but go. Just be careful.”

Diane Kelly said as of Wednesday Greenwich Hospital has 34 patients in house with three in the ICU on ventilators, though she said they were not new patients. “I have heard that they are showing signs of improvement,” she said.

She said the community numbers, based on Greenwich Hospital tests, were used to signal the shutting down of visitors, was a 7-day average.

“We are up to 11% for positive rates at a 7 day average,” Kelly said.

“On Nov 20, the 7 day average was 9.7%. Before this initial wave, we were hovering around 6-8%. It’s important to remember that not everybody with a positive test doesn’t come into the hospital, and some actually never have symptoms.”

Kelly if residents continue to do their part, that should help turn the tide.

“We’re back in a wave of increase but if we continue to do the things such as washing hands, social distancing, and Wear. Your. Masks. When in doubt, wear your mask please. I’m starting to see a few people in the public without them,” Kelly said.

Ms Kelly spoke briefly about how the vaccine would roll out in Greenwich.

“Yale New Haven Health System, just like every other health system, is working with the state o what our process is and on what vaccines we will receive,” she said, adding a reminder that the vaccine is “a series” which requires two shots.

She said the first people to receive the vaccine will be front line and health care providers.

“There will be a very careful distribution and prioritization,” she added, noting she did not have a confirmed date for the state but had the understanding it would be mid to late December.

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