QUIGLEY: “Respect Rules at Polling Places on Tuesday, Act Responsibly Regardless of Election Outcome.”

“In light of all that has transpired 2020, the people of Greenwich have shown great resilience. With that in mind, the Republican Town Committee would like to urge everyone to continue to be at their best on Election Day,”
Quigley said.

“This is a special day in America,” Quigley continued. “It represents what so many of our veterans past and present have fought to protect, and is a beacon to those around the world not blessed to live in a free, democratic society. America is the standard bearer for Democracy. Let’s do our best to live up to that lofty ideal.”

“This Election Day comes at the tail end of a very difficult year,” he added. “Let’s make it a day where our community rises to the occasion, and makes us all proud.”

Dan Quigley
RTC Chair