Greenwich Health Director Gives Covid-19 Snapshot as Summer Winds Down

Greenwich Health Dept director Caroline Baisley gave a Covid-19 at Thursday’s Board of Selectmen meeting (Aug 27).

There were 949 total cases to date, and fewer than 5 active cases the Health Dept staff are working on.

“Occasionally we get someone who is a New York resident or a duplicate o a list,” she said, explaining that was the reason for occasional daily fluctuations in the number of Covid-19 cases.

Baisley said since the town’s numbers have stabilized in August, the highest age bracket for Covid-19 is 50-59, with 60-69 the second highest.

The third highest incidents is among the group age 20-49, which is actually three groups combined – 20-29, 30-39 and 40-49.

“That’s what we’ve been seeing since we’ve been stable,” she said. “We’ve been relative stable in the month of August with the exception of a couple of blips.”

Baisley said her department’s contact tracers are getting used to inputting Greenwich’s numbers into the State of Connecticut Public Health Dept’s data entry system.

“Now as opposed to the spring, where there were no restrictions, we’re seeing post-contacts are family members, though occasionally you get a boyfriend or girlfriend,” she said. “In the spring you saw a lot of non-family members.”

Baisley said her staff are preparing for an influx of Covid-19 cases as the weather gets cooler and the humidity starts to drop.

“We are working with Medical Reserve Corps members and preparing for our annual influenza clinics as well,” she said.

The Medical Reserve Corps are a mix of doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants and even veterinarians who have signed up to volunteer on their own time during pubic health emergencies, in this case helping contact tracing efforts. They supplement the town Health Dept staff working on contact tracing.

There is a list of testing locations convenient to Greenwich on the health dept web page.

Some testing site locations require a doctor’s prescription, while others provide an on-line medical evaluation.  In addition, there are medical providers in the Greenwich  community  that provide COVID-19 viral testing for their patients. 

If you don’t have a medical provider call 203-688-1700 for the Yale New Haven Heath System service area.

Click on the testing site for more information: 

Greenwich Hospital – Greenwich

Stamford Hospital – Stamford 

Family Centers Health Care – Greenwich

Family Centers Health Care – Greenwich. The Family Centers health center is a Federally Qualified Health Clinic staffed by nurse practitioners, dentists, licensed social workers and other medical professionals, the clinic provides primary healthcare, dental and mental health services to children and adults living in Greenwich Public Housing communities and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Located at 111 Wilbur Peck Court the health care center is offering free Covid-19 tests every Tuesday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Call ahead (203) 717-1760.

Community Health Centers – Stamford

Murphy Medical Associates  – Stamford, Greenwich

CVS Health  – Stamford (2 locations)

Optimus Health Care  – Stamford

AFC Urgent Care – Stamford

DOCS Urgent Care – Stamford

Time frames for test results should be discussed with your medical provider and/or testing facility. 

Anyone with general questions about Covid or questions about testing can call the Health Dept at (203) 622-7836 to speak to someone confidentially.